Friday, 18 October 2013

VCE final artworks / part three

Nested Selves

In this work a person is shown as series of selves, each with a different way of relating to the external world. Each doll bears a legend or motto. The largest doll, which carries the legend “I am the Earth”, expresses a concrete relation to the natural world. The smallest doll, which carries the motto “I am a ghost”, stands for the way in which a human being’s identity can be as elusive as an ethereal thought and even approach non-existence. As displayed, one next to the other in descending order of size, these facets of the self are displayed and fully on view.  If the dolls were put back inside each other, the most private and elusive self would be completely hidden from the viewer. Here I use the medium of a set of blank Matryoshka dolls because it is a familiar and ingenious image of the multiple self. 

VCE final artworks / part two

Worlds Elsewhere

In this work I explore the linked qualities of introversion and imagination.  I wanted to find ways to depict states of mind that are hard to draw. The first drawing, for instance, depicts a girl submerged in water signifying her isolation. The white on black components of the image represent her imaginary world. The realm of the imagination is thus the key to the drawing. What links my three introverted characters is the compensating world of the imagination which provides a “world elsewhere” into which they can escape. 

VCE final artworks / part one

  Missed Connections 

   This work pictures connections and missed connections between two strangers. The work chronicles the everyday life of two people. Throughout the work there are both visual and conceptual connections between the two sides. At the end they almost meet, but the meeting does not happen.  It can’t because they exist on different sides of a single sheet of paper folder like a concertina. The concertina book format, the medium of the work, is thus integral to the meaning of the piece:  it gave me a way of drawing each character’s story on different sides of the same sheet piece of paper, showing how those stories are both joined and separated by the medium itself.