Sunday, 31 August 2014

Afternoon light

Scraps / Drawings in my new sketchbook / Cherry blossoms from our tree that match perfectly with orange afternoon light. 

I've been having really nice lazy days recently, lying in the sun, doing drawings earl in the morning, listening to a lot of ambient music + Devendra Banhart. Just over a month until I go toJapan. 

Mini sketchbook / original "zine" project; Part two




Thursday, 21 August 2014

Mini sketchbook / original "zine" project

First three of a very limited edition of ten little filled sketchbooks / hand drawn zines. 6 original drawings all drawn in a 4 (double sided) page Moleskine postal notebook (140mm x 90mm). Kept as a mini sketchbook over a few days, this is a collection of unique little drawings done with graphite. Book also includes ephemera stuck in on some pages. Each book comes with a little photocopied mini zine made especially for the project, as well as a polaroid.




Friday, 1 August 2014